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Accessories for pressure gauges

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Product Picture Pressure gauge-Protective caps

Protective caps for pressure gauges

- Bumper for Pressure gauges
- for perpendicular and also horizontal pressure gauges.


Technical Data:
Qty. for Pressure Gauge-Ø Colour Item No. Price
63mm red VD-1307-010-004 3,25 €
63mm blue VD-1307-010-005 3,25 €
100mm blue VD-5941-003-001 10,17 €
Product Picture  Reducers for Pressure gauge connections

Reducers for pressure gauge connections


Technical Data:
Qty. Nominal Pressure bar female thread male thread Item No. Price
400 G1/4 G1/8A VD-1302-010-011 2,46 €
600 G1/4 M12x1,5 VD-1302-010-008 3,87 €
600 G1/4 G1/2A VD-1302-010-009 4,38 €
600 G1/2 M12x1,5 VD-1302-010-004 9,10 €
600 G1/2 G1/4A VD-1302-010-007 10,80 €
1000 G1/2 M20x1,5 VD-1302-010-001 7,48 €
Product Picture Pressure gauge-profile seal

Profile seal for pressure gauges

Technical Data:
Qty. for thread Material Item No. Price
G1/8 Copper VD-1314-020-006 0,31 €
G1/4, M12x1,5 Copper VD-1314-020-004 0,31 €
G1/2, G3/8, M20x1,5 Copper VD-1314-020-003 0,88 €
G1/4 Steel, galvanised PE-DKI1/4 1,01 €
G1/2 Steel, galvanised PE-DKI1/2 1,03 €
Product Picture Pressure gauge-shut-off valve

Shut-off valve for pressure gauges

To protect and prolongate the life expectancy of your measuring devices.

-DIN 16270
Technical Data:
Qty. thread Nominal Pressure bar Item No. Price
G1/2 400 VD-1304-050-002 34,09 €
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