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Accessories for directional valves 100l, self-assembly

> > > Accessories for 100 Liters, self-assembly
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It is possible to arrange and combine any 9 components. The four most common combinations are displayed on this page for you. If you have any questions towards individual solutions or combinations do not hesitate to contact us (+49 (0) 5351 - 523 520)

Product Picture Stut bolt assembly kit for control blocks

Stut bolt assembly kit for control blocks

The size matches the amount of ordered Flange valves. Input and output elements are not included.
Technical Data:
Qty. Size Item No. Price
1 TS100-ZA1 16,08 €
2 TS100-ZA2 16,08 €
3 TS100-ZA3 16,08 €
4 TS100-ZA4 19,51 €
5 TS100-ZA5 19,51 €
6 TS100-ZA6 19,51 €
7 TS100-ZA7 27,99 €
Product Picture Detent Kit

Detent Kit

To retrofit a lever notch in the desired switch position.
Technical Data:
Qty. detent lever Item No. Price
Lift TS100-RF 70,33 €
Lower TS100-FR 70,33 €
All TS100-RR 70,33 €
Product Picture Plug


Our Hand lever systems are equiped withserial-production neutral circulation. If you require a closed neutral circulation (for example for John-Deere with variable capacity pump) or pressure oil transfer, you have screw the plug in the output element (a detailed description is enclosed).
Technical Data:
Qty. Item No. Price
TS100-VS 40,42 €
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